World War - EP

by Tooth & Claw

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This band has split into two different projects; check both of them out!!

Body Thief-



released January 10, 2012

Produced by Will Donnelly at Oceanic Studios



all rights reserved


Tooth & Claw Baltimore, Maryland

A reference to the sometimes violent natural world : "Hereupon the beasts, enraged at the humbug, fell upon him tooth and claw".

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Track Name: Untitled
Oh lost love, where are you tonight? I’ve been looking for the reasoning and bathing in false light. You traded me for fire and dirty basement floors, but I could never blame you at all, just look at what I’ve become. I was never even human, incapable of love. Neglectful of your needs, and left you back to crawl. And now its time that’s consuming, and your love that I’m losing, along with the colors before. I failed you again my darling. I failed you again. So now I’m just like every other man you’ve had in your life that lead you to a fucking worthless end. Oh lost love, where are you tonight?
Track Name: Survivalist
Love, burn back into me. Your bottom teeth marks in my coward skin. I haven’t been able to wake up in weeks. Not a sound in my ears for the gift of sleep. Now with no crutches to walk, I fall, and walls serve as painful reminders. I’ll have to face and fight off my demons. Hundreds will come in hopes of removal but who will be left when the dust has settled? Just disease ridden me, and my fever dreams. So close to the end and yet I’ve gained no faith. I’ll trade mistakes for every scar you gave and the words we spoke that we never meant to say. “Who do you think that you’re saving?” If not for me then your ruined tongues would go to waste. It’s all in preparation for the fallout that will take place. “Who do you think you are deceiving?” No man or beast could ever be fooled by me. My facade has been shaken. I could never handle illusions or uncertainty. “You were naïve to think you could ever escape.” The hallowed clutches of my past stay dormant in the corners but never let their sights drift to far from my unsightly excuse for flesh, blood, and bone. Pushed past and persevered at my weakest. In my most vulnerable state, I trudged my way through reincarnated memories, to find you waiting at the end. You and I were so alike but could never compare our scars; for yours were burned in a life worth forgetting and mine were barely yours. I was younger and meant everything until the pedestal started crumbling. My illnesses consumed every inch me until the floor began moving. You were built on the defense. You were born and raised to run from me. I created fear in your stomach. For misanthropy. For everything. You were never meant to be the target. You were never meant to return in hate. But my greatest failure is losing you and now this pain is everyday. How long has it been since sharing an empty voice? Adding insult to injury, I’ll keep self -inflicting all of my pain. I’ll carve out the mirror image until everything you have lost is regained.
Track Name: Isolation
So I begin again. Cutting my losses the with wire and nail. A worthless cause and a sinking sense of security. Paranoia came in succession only to find me on my knees. Scratch at surroundings. Scratching numbers into my arms again. I remain without motion. Cursing every suspended moment that I spend questioning myself and everyone else. And in these quiet hours, I realize I was not yet fit to feel free. How long before I lose sight of what is real? How long before I was never real at all? Here I hold the ties that bind, connecting wires to the constants and wasting away. Deterioration moves in and out of a conscience state but I could not unravel the chains. Seclusion burns and confinement wounds across a crooked figure. Erase a physical state in avoidance of anxious triggers. constructs of this dividing line I seem to be placed in between, continues to give out and give way to anguish and more of my selfish grief. Speak in matters of time, waiting for the post of structure to finally collapse. Speak in words of separation, understanding this could never last. There is no soul left in the engine. There is no spirit left in the machine. I’m breaking all of the gears in the clockwork in attempts to fracture this feeding need. I don’t want to be alive anymore.
Track Name: Blackout
Our pulse no longer shares a stolen rhythm. I’ll never repair the damage I have caused. I’ll never be the person that I was. Your last light is fading. It’s turning slow. Hell is above. Hell is below.
Track Name: Control
Don’t hold this on higher ground against me. I was unclear and repetitious in my labor of love. Work upon work and death upon death, but it was not the words I chose carefully to retrace negative steps. Not the payments I have made, nor the regrets in my debt, but what I have carried for years in hopes of reversing. Take this abuse and run from the packs I have so painstakingly attempted to separate myself from. I am unlike those who I am alike. So refuse this abuse, for I am of the same code and color, just like the rest of them. I can’t find the lines we drew together in ground gained by failure. Now that my wanderlust has faded and your patience has grown thin, I’ll return to the place we started only to find you’ve left again. In the fear of losing you forever, I’ll repent for all my sins; to a god I don’t believe in, to a world that has abandoned. I’ve lost memory of most things, but I remember when we boarded up the house. The sounds of the walls, the wounds underneath. I built this place for you. A family and a home. I can hear your laughter in the hallways, your warmth on my hands, but I must remind myself that you are gone. The burdens have grown heavy and there is only one choice left to make. So my foolish heart will sacrifice to live without this mistake. Heat will find its way through every crack in the foundation so just flood the floors instead (I will tie myself to the center). Never accept the tribute. Never observe the punishment. I am nothing. Just like you promised. I lost everything when I went to war with the world. A life for a life. It’s useless to rebuild. Cycle through and tear everything down. End this.